Miguel Talks Art, Globalization, and More in Noisey’s Forced Exposure Series


Noisey, VICE’s music and culture channel, premieres the latest episode from its brand-new series, Forced Exposure. In the newest installment of the series, Noisey pairs R&B sex god Miguel with Toronto visual artist Connor Olthuis to discuss his latest exhibition, 510,072,000 km2, Give or Take.Connor takes Miguel through his latest work, and the two chat about everything from globalization, the rise of the manicured lawn as a symbol of wealth, and even the hideous men’s shoes that are common in formal work environments. Miguel flexes his muscles as an art critic, leading Connor to comment at the end of the episode, “Miguel as an art critic, he definitely impressed me… he got some of the key ideas and thought beyond that.”Forced Exposure is a new series where Noisey take musicians to meet other artists from a completely different medium. Together the two artists learn more about each other’s artistic process and share insights unique to their works.


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