TD Jakes Explores the Depth of Forgiveness and Guilt in One Great Show (vid)


I’m really liking the new TD Jakes show. Here he talks to three black men who were wrongfully accused (imagine that?) of a murder and ended up on death row spending 39 years of their lives in prison for a crime they did not commit. The irony of it is, the boy who was set up to send them to prison, 12 at the time, was not living behind bars but he was in his own prison for 39 years.  The first thing I noticed is the one man who can’t forgive the kid who sent them to prison looks like he’s so congested with anger that he is about to explode the other two have dealt with it in a different way as all 4 of them come together in this show about the burden of guilt and forgiveness to confront each other. Very deep. Tissue Alert…. Not sure what markets the show is in but it’s not in LA yet, then again, I don’t watch TV here. Enjoy[flowplayer id=”161924″]

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