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When D.L. Hughley Made Trending Video about Steve Harvey's Trump Visit

Radio Facts: Radiofacts: Originally posted Jan 14, 2017 – While Steve Harvey and D.L. Hughley may have worked together as Kings of Comedy, they have also both ended up with nationally syndicated radio shows but their paths are very different.

DJ Shortee Has the Answers for Looking to Learn the Craft

Radio Facts: djturnIn this 14-tutorial video course, pro DJ Shortee teaches the essential basics you need to know to begin DJing with two turntables and a DJ mixer such as how to handle the record, where to place the hand on the record, and the best way to forward and rewind the record. Students will learn how to read the grooves on the record and various ways to cue up songs using both traditional vinyl and control vinyl, for use with DJ software such as Serato and TRAKTOR. "Listening is crucial," says Shortee. "And in this course, I am teaching three different ways to listen to the music in your headphones, how to identify the beat, and how to tune your ears to be able to isolate the drum sounds within your music. There are various ways of counting the beats per minute (bpm) of your music and when you take this course, you'll understand why it's so important to know the tempos of all your songs." The tutorials also cover essential basics such as music theory; note values; how to count beats, bars, and phrases in 4/4 time; and how to identify the "one." n The Complete Guide to DJ Basics with Turntables and a Mixer, Shortee teaches the two most important scratches for DJing on turntables, the baby scratch and the release scratch, how to combine them with each other as well as with the crossfader, and how to perform a basic transition between two songs with the same bpm, using the crossfader to blend them together. The Complete Guide to DJ Basics with Turntables and a Mixer is an excellent course for beginners without any DJ experience as well as intermediate or advanced DJs who are transitioning from another gear setup and learning how to DJ on turntables for the first time. Every lesson is taught in a clear and concise way that is easy for anyone to understand. Now available at Groove3.com: https://www.groove3.com/DJ-training-video-tutorials/The-Complete-Guide-To-DJ-Basics-With-Turntables-And-A-Mixer 14 Tutorials (1hr 18min 15sec) $15.00 for purchase or available with Groove3's All Access Pass for $15/month

Tuesday Radio Tip for Talent: Radio Show Producer

Tuesday Radio Tip for Talent: Radio Show Producer

Tuesday Radio Tip for Talent: Radio Show Producer
As a Program Director I am responsible for cultivating great on-air talent for my radio station(s).  Every Tuesday, I will share a tip that can help on-air talent (broadcasters) be the best talent and/or assist a Program Director in developing great talent.  Let me know what you think below or using the hashtag #TueRadioTip via Twitter or IG. I am asked more and more by students of radio on what it takes to be a morning show producer. A radio show producer is the person ultimately in charge of the flow of the show. Good radio show producers are very hard to find because the job requires long, stressful hours, for low pay. These jobs are also often entry level jobs at small and medium market stations. Some of the best radio show producers are consumers of the product. Meaning, they like and listen to the station. Here are some tips on being a radio show producer:
  1. You’re the first one there in the morning and the last one to leave sometimes hours after the show has ended.
  2. Know the host(s) you are working with. You don’t have to like them, but there needs to be mutual respect to get the job done. Know the target audience the show is broadcasting to.
  3. Be a stickler of the standard station formalities. The Program director is going to charge you with the responsibility of making sure the call letters are said, time and temp gets read, etc.
  4. Be a problem solver. You have to think fast on your feet in this type of job. Whether it’s a music or talk show, situations come up that force you to jump in immediately and resolve.
  5. Be organized. Have a system that can be followed, especially if you’re out sick and the show doesn’t skip a beat.
  6. Keep/build a rolodex of people/experts you can call on when needed. An example would be, in the recent Orlando shootings at the night club, having a local person that can speak on behalf of the LGBT community. Rely on credible sources for information.
  7. Know how to screen the right callers for your host to talk to.
  8. During a show, you’re responsible for keeping it tight and on time. Learn your host’s ways, so that they respect you when it’s time to move on. If you’re a producer that runs the talent’s board, then you are in control of the flow.
  9. After the show, before everyone leaves the station, have an outline of what tomorrow’s show is going to look like.
  10. Always over produce a show. Have more material than gets used. The job never ends, you could be watching TV and get an idea for a topic to be discussed. Keep ideas fun and entertaining.
A good producer is the back bone of a good morning show. It’s often a thankless job but it can be rewarding when the show gets good ratings, awards and recognition. Are you currently an on-air talent or aspiring talent and/or looking for a coach to up your game? Need an air-check critique or a professional consultation about your career? Contact me! Terri Avery

Usher and Samsung Smart TV Star in Innovative Digital Film by Samsung and Huge

Usher, eight-time Grammy winner, one of the best-selling musical artists in history and currently one of the coaches of NBC's hit show, "The Voice," has teamed up with Samsung Smart TV and digital agency Huge to create a digital short film inspired by the title track from his current critically acclaimed album, "LOOKING 4 MYSELF." The film, Usher's 'Looking

Twenty years of on-air action with Jon Moshier

When he was a kid of around 6 or 8 years old, as it's recalled, Jon Moshier roved around in ways children that age tend to: curiously and without preset destination. Often armed with a portable tape recorder, his preferred pastime was documenting the sounds of the late '70s world around him. You'd find young Jon with his prized RealTone cassette recorder next to the family radio, taping songs he knew. He'd fade the volume down a bit and say something into the deck about the music or musicians, then fade the music back in.

SparkRadio for iPhone offers 10,000 stations |

Radio Facts: Commercial music radio may be an artistic wasteland, but independent-minded stations like Seattle's KEXP, Silicon Valley's KFJC, and New Jersey's WFMU are...

NEW RADIO TRENDS? Full Time Extinct? Airtime to Advertisers? Radio DJs at 1/2 Price?

As the industry changes and corporations are looking for ways to save money two trends appear to be on the rise that could affect...

Cause of Joey Jordison’s Death: Statement from Family

Joey Jordison, one of the founding members of the heavy metal band Slipknot, has died at the age of 46.Statement of Jordison Family on Death of Joey Jordison to...

Woman Shoots Cop After Bust with Drugs During Police Stop (video)

This woman lost her life after what appeared to be a small charge but considering she had several warrants out in her name she...

Why Did T.I. Chime in on Da Baby’s Rant?

Not sure why T.I. felt the need to respond to Da Baby's homophobic rant on stage the other day. See what he had to...

Is Your Landlord Breaking into Your Apartment When You Are not Home? Tips

This week, a Connecticut landlord was arrested after being caught on camera sniffing a tenant's underwear while she and her daughter were out. The...

Lil Nas X Kanye Produced “INDUSTRY BABY” Hits 33 Million YouTube Views Raising Money...

PARTNERS WITH THE BAIL PROJECT TO LAUNCH THE “BAIL X FUND" Music is the way I fight for liberation. But true freedom requires change in...

World’s “Ugliest” Man Is a Musician with a Great Life

This man is regarded as the world's ugliest man and he doesn't mind. His love life has not been affected and he recently became...

10 Worst Foods You Can Ever Eat

It's amazing how much of this food is in our everyday diets causing incredible harm to our bodies. This a great video breaking it...

Beautiful Woman With Huge Leg Determined to Live Her Life (video)

Mohagany has incredible confidence and she refuses to allow her big leg caused by Lyphodemia to hinder her. She gets the nails panted and...


Krystal Pino Promoted at Cumulus

Krystal Pino Takes Middays at Cumulus Tucson’s Classic Hip Hop 97.5 The Vibe/KSZR-FM  CUMULUS MEDIA (NASDAQ: CMLS) announces that it has appointed radio personality Krystal Pino...

Gibson Announces Launch of Record Label 

Gibson Records:  Gibson Announces Launch of Record Label First Album With Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy and the ConspiratorsFor the past 127 years, Gibson--the iconic American instrument...

Cumulus San Francisco Promotes Chasta Michaelis

Cumulus San Francisco Promotes Chasta Michaelis to Program Director for 107.7 The Bone/KSAN-FM CUMULUS MEDIA (NASDAQ: CMLS) announces that it has promoted Chasta Michaelis to Program...
Cliff Cage

CUMULUS MEDIA Taps Popular Colorado Springs Radio Personality Cliff Cage as On-Air Host, Nights...

CUMULUS MEDIA (NASDAQ: CMLS) announces that it has appointed veteran Colorado Springs radio personality Cliff Cage as On-Air Host, Nights, on heritage Top 40...

Sony Music Publishing Promotes Carol NG to President, Asia

Sony Music Publishing today announced the promotion of Carol NG to President, Asia. Carol is based in the company’s Hong Kong office and reports...

Comedy Central Creates Segment for Charlamagne The God

It's been a long time coming for media mogul Charlamagne The God and something that he has repeatedly told Radio Facts over the years. He...


Clear Media Network announces a groundbreaking format to its network arsenal, R&B ADULT HITS. Programming veterans Mark McCray (President of Programming and Operations/Clear Media Network)...

Radio Veteran Shawn Knight Joins Cumulus Topeka as Host of Mornings on Majic 107.7/KMAJ-FM

CUMULUS MEDIA announces that it has named veteran on-air personality Shawn Knight as Host of The Majic Morning Show on Topeka, KS, Adult Contemporary...

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