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Athletes in Chicago Answering the Question, What About Chicago

When people debate on social media and in the news about the need for gun reform after a senseless shooting; someone always asks well what about Chicago and all the people being shot. [...]

The Unwritten Rules In Baseball Are Just Annoying

Here we go again talking about the unwritten rules in baseball, my favorite sport. A sport that needs to attract the younger viewer who wants instant gratification. [...]

NFL COVID-19 Testing Program Extended

The NFL will continue to test players daily through September 5th. The players always wanted daily testing, but the owners only agreed to it after being pressured. [...]

NFL-Coronavirus Prevention and Containment

Players have reported to training camp and have been tested for the virus. The results are in from the tests and it is encouraging as 56 players only 2% of the active rosters tested positive. The deadline for a player to opt out is August 6th. [...]

Top 10 MLB Players for 2020

As sports fans we love to debate who is the best and we all have our different reasons behind our choices. Once our mind is made up you really can’t change it; even if you have a point. [...]

MLB and The Bubble Dilemma

MLB is hoping to get the spread of the virus among players, coaches and staff under control. Last week, there were 16 games postponed, which is going to cause a scheduling nightmare for some teams to play all 60 games in the amount of days left in the season. [...]

Baseball Is Back…There Have Been A Few Historic Opening Day Games In Baseball

Baseball ball on the green lawnIt’s Opening Weekend in Baseball! [...]

NFL Training Camp Will Start On Time…Hopefully

The NFL sent teams a memo letting them know that training camps will open on July 28th. Teams will begin planning for their players to arrive at their facility. [...]

Where Were You MLB on Police Brutality? Bruce Would Like To Know

(Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images)Since the murder of George Floyd there have been protests all over the world and more people are speaking up about racism, police brutality and social injustices; including athletes. [...]


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