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As Nation Mourns "Death of Journalism," Yang, A Presidential Candidate, Offers Solutions

Radio Facts: Everyone reads the news and depends on the journalists in their areas and nationwide to report accurately, efficiently, and frequently on topics ranging from music to arts, to entertainment, and to politics. [...]

RADIO SHOW: Pillsbury Session Examines Radio's Financial Future and Reduced Regulation

Radio Facts: PILLSBURY RADIO SHOW SESSION EXAMINES RADIO'S FINANCIAL FUTURE WHERE REDUCED REGULATION CREATES NEW OPPORTUNITIES TO COMPETE A dynamic lineup of radio industry executives and financial experts will discuss the business impact of significant regulatory changes affecting radio. [...]

David Honig Co-Founder of MMTC will be Honored at the IBBA Fall Conference

Radio Facts: The (IBBA) International Black Broadcasters Association is proud to announce Mr. David Honig Co-Founder of MMTC will be honored at the IBBA Fall Conference and Icon Awards Dinner at the Westin Georgetown Washington, DC Friday, September 14th at 8:00 p.m. [...]

OH NO: FCC Payola Probe Targets Spanish-language stations

Radio Facts: The Federal Communications Commission has launched an investigation into payola allegations at some of the Rio Grand e Valley's most popular Spanish-language radio stations. But the commission's enforcement bureau remains tight-lipped about the extent and exact nature of the probe. The FCC recently sent out letters [...]

Julius Genachowski, Technology Executive, Said to Be Obama's FCC Choice

Radio Facts: Julius Genachowski, a technology executive and former Federal Communications Commission official who worked for Barack Obamaâ„¢s campaign, is the president-electâ„¢s choice to lead the agency, a Democratic official said. As head of the body that regulates telephone, cable and broadcast companies, Genachowski will face pressure for action to [...]


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