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Radio Facts invited to Participate in Google Roundtable Discussion

We'd like to thank Google for including Radio Facts (radiofacts.com) for a roundtable discussion in Los Angeles yesterday.

Tavis Smiley Brings Judges Together to Explore JUSTICE in the Judicial System

Radio Facts: Radio Facts: Tavis Smiley, host of the late night television talk show tavis smiley on PBS, in collaboration with the National Center for State Courts, is convening a series of town hall meetings under the banner COURTING JUSTICE, the first of which was held in Los Angeles on June 10th and will air on PBS stations on June

UPDATE on Man Beating "Teen" on Train

Radio Facts: So Much for the Father and Sons in the Black Community Theory After the great, heartfelt and touching story that I wrote about the lost art of fathers and sons in the black community for the initial video, trying to make a long-awaited and much-needed point, turns out the young dude that got beaten up on the train

Emmis Triumphs in Hungarian Court: Ruling Means Only Sláger and Danubius Are Qualified Bidders

Radio Facts: Indianapolis....This morning a Hungarian court ruled in favor of Emmis Communications Corporation (Nasdaq: EMMS)-owned Sláger Radio that the National Radio and Television Board (ORTT) illegally awarded a national radio broadcast contract to FM 1.

OH NO: FCC Payola Probe Targets Spanish-language stations

Radio Facts: The Federal Communications Commission has launched an investigation into payola allegations at some of the Rio Grand e Valley's most popular Spanish-language radio stations. But the commission's enforcement bureau remains tight-lipped about the extent and exact nature of the probe. The FCC recently sent out letters of inquiry questioning whether disc Radio DJeys accepted cash payments