OH NO: FCC Payola Probe Targets Spanish-language stations


The Federal Communications Commission has launched an investigation into payola allegations at some of the Rio Grand e Valley's most popular Spanish-language radio stations.

But the commission's enforcement bureau remains tight-lipped about the extent and exact nature of the probe.

The FCC recently sent out letters of inquiry questioning whether disc Radio DJeys accepted cash payments or other gifts in exchange for guaranteeing radio airplay to certain band s or record labels, a company spokesman for one radio conglomerate said. Investigators have also met with certain radio personalities and station managers.

"We're one of a number of broadcasters who have received letters from the FCC on this matter," said Entravision Communications Corp. – owners of local Spanish-language stations KNVO-FM Jose 101.1 and KKPS-FM Que Pasa 99.5 – in a written statement.

"We are looking into the matter and will respond and cooperate with the FCC as appropriate."

Representatives from Univision Radio – which owns KGBT-FM 98.5, KTBQ-FM Recuerdo 96.1, and KGBT-AM La Tremenda 1530 – declined to comment on whether they also received the inquiry letters.

FCC probe targets Spanish-language stations | stations, fcc, targets – Now – TheMonitor.com.

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