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The Catalyst CEO Champions for Change States Women of Color Underrepresented

radiofacts.com The Catalyst CEO Champions For Change Are Making Gender Equality A Priority
For the second year in a rowCatalyst CEO Champion For Change companies collectively have a higher representation of women in leadership positions at every level than their global peers—more women board directors, executives, senior managers, and managers. Since March 2017, the Catalyst CEO Champions—more than 50 top industry leaders—are demonstrating that progress is possible. We are still far from gender equality in the workforce and society, but as the Catalyst CEO Champions have proven, commitment that leads to action can effect change.
The Catalyst CEO Champions For Change signatories have committed to advancing more women, including women of color, into senior leadership positions and onto their boards. To hold themselves and their organizations accountable, these leaders boldly pledged to be transparent and share metrics on their progress. This is the second year Catalyst is reporting on how well their companies are living up to their commitments.
The numbers show that Catalyst CEO Champion For Change companies are outpacing their global peers in advancing women:
  • Women represent 38.1% of managers compared to 33% at global companies.
  • Women represent 28.2% of senior managers compared to 26% globally.
  • Women hold 24.4% of executive positions compared to 20% globally.
  • Women hold 27.7% of board seats compared to 22% at S&P 500 companies.
In addition, Catalyst CEO Champion For Change companies are outperforming their peers in advancing women of color, a particularly underrepresented group. They have a stronger pipeline of women of color in manager positions, and they are ahead of their peers in promoting these women into the executive ranks. They shine in the boardroom, where, collectively, they have more women of color board directors than the top 200 companies in the S&P 500. "Catalyst CEO Champions passionately believe that what's good for women is good for everyone. They've seen the positive results of increased diversity and inclusive cultures firsthand," says Catalyst President and CEO Lorraine Hariton. "We are proud and honored to work with the Catalyst CEO Champions to both create gender equality in the workplace and inspire other organizations to do the same." Find Out More: catalyst.org/champions Join the conversation: #CatalystForChange #InclusionInAction

BMI Re-Elects Six Members of its Board of Directors


BMI (Broadcast Music, Inc) has re-elected six members of its Board of Directors. The re-election happened during Monday's Annual Meeting of Shareholder at BMI's office in Nashville, TN.

[caption id="attachment_202370" align="alignleft" width="279"]radiofacts.com Michael Fiorile[/caption] Elected to new three-year terms are Caroline Beasley, CEO of Beasley Media Group, LLC; Amador Bustos, President and CEO of Bustos Media Holdings, LLC; Michael Fiorile, Chairman of BMI's Board of Directors; Bill Hoffman, President of Hoffman Communications, Inc.; Catherine Hughes, Founder and Chairperson of Urban One, Inc.; and Jerry Kersting, Former President of Tribune Broadcasting. BMI launched 78 years ago. It negotiates music license agreements and distributes the generated fees as royalties to affiliated writers and publishers when their songs are publicly performed.  Its current chairman, Michael Fiorile, was elected Chairman on May 31, 2017.  

CBS Corporation Names Richard Parsons Interim Chairman

[caption id="attachment_202342" align="aligncenter" width="563"]radiofacts.com Richard Parsons Named Interim Chairman Of The Board Of Directors, CBS Corporation[/caption]

Richard Parsons has been named CBS Corporation's Interim Chairman of the Board of Directors, the Company announced today. The Board unanimously approved the appointment, which was recommended by the Board's Nominating and Governance Committee.

"Dick Parsons has a combination of deep industry knowledge and unmatched corporate and board experience," said Candace Beinecke, Chair of CBS' Nominating and Governance Committee. "We are fortunate to have Dick in this leadership role." "We have a distinguished and independent Board that is steadfast in its commitment to serve the best interests of all shareholders," said Parsons. "I think I speak for all Board members when I say I look forward to learning more about CBS' compelling opportunities and how we can help guide and support the Company's growth." The Company also announced that Bruce Gordon and William Cohen, who have served on the Board of Directors since CBS became a stand-alone public company in 2006, have decided to step down from their posts to focus on other personal and professional priorities. The Board unanimously adopted a resolution to express its thanks and appreciation to Messrs. Gordon and Cohen for their long and dedicated service to CBS, and to wish them well on their future endeavors.