Steve Harvey Says R Kelly’s Situation is a “Tragedy On All Levels” (VIDEO)


    Steve Harvey said R Kelly’s situation is a “tragedy on all levels.” In Chicago, the federal trial of R Kelly started on Monday, said Shirley Strawberry. R Kelly sat in court and watched the long, drawn-out process of jury selection. The judge quizzed more than 60 potential jurors about what they knew about R Kelly.

    The judge denied the defense’s request to bar any juror that watched Lifetime’s docu-series “Surviving R Kelly.” The judge dismissed half the panel, said Strawberry. Many potential jurors admitted to watching this series and believing they could not be unbiased. Strawberry said prosecutors would get their chance to screen jurors next and narrow down the jury pool even more.

    It does not matter if they have seen the series or not, said Strawberry. The morning show host wondered how many more trials R Kelly must go through.” A lot” was the answer. Strawberry said R Kelly will have to sit through as many trials as it takes. There are a lot of victims, said the morning show DJ.

    Steve Harvey said the situation with R Kelly is sad on many levels. The singer could have had a great life. “He chose to go the other way,” added Harvey.

    Harvey said when Kelly was acquitted the first time, he should have stopped. The comedian said he did not understand Kelly’s decisions with all the beautiful grown women walking around. “I’m talking about good and grown. Conversation, talking,” said Harvey.

    Grown women have opinions, said Harvey. Strawberry added that the women could also read. Even though Harvey was a little taken back by Strawberry’s answer, she said she meant every word.


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