Behind the Scenes in a Nightclub, The Environment is not for Everyone


Radio Facts: In the wake of Kand i Burruss’ fiance AJ Jewell, who was the co owner of Atlanta’s The Body Tap, it got me to thinking about how I once had to go behind the scenes in nightclubs for various things like remotes or to collect fees for something my company was working on. I can honestly say, while all clubs may not be like this, the amount of tension in those club offices runs VERY high. I’ve seen everything from groupies to guns in those areas and money on the table where anyone could take it. Oddly, very little security and the managers and promoters are usually extremely high strung.
One club recently asked me to do some marketing for them and the female owner kept her gun on the counter IN FRONT OF CUSTOMERS! I got a bad vibe about this spot and I declined but I asked her why she left the gun in such an obvious spot and she said “People know not to fook with me.” Then I asked her what if a customer came up and grabbed it and used it on her and she said… “I never really thought of that, but I don’t think it will happen.” Less than 2 weeks later she picked the gun up off the counter before closing and it went off, shooting an employee in the head and killing him. She got away with it as an accident but DAMN!
In addition, I was talking to a friend this weekend and I asked him what has happened to black men where we have so much rage against each other. What would cause someone to stomp someone to DEATH? When I did one remote years ago, I actually saw it happen then too it’s like the crowd is paralyzed and I see why people don’t jump in and help. The person who is doing the stomping has so much rage that people are shocked and immobilized and it would take the strength of at least 5 to 10 men to subdue them and they would probably have to seriously hurt him in order to do that. In addition they, of course, don’t want to be next if they don’t get help from other brothers and the element of the police comes in too. What kind of legal implications will they face if they stop this man from killing another man by killing him? Most people go out to have a good time, not to be killed so most people are not even in that mindset it’s just easier to keep walking. When you mix alcohol, money, competition, women, men and all the other elements that go along with that lifestyle, it’s easy to see why there is so much tension, it really takes a special kind of person to run and manage a nightclub or to do club promotions. I take my hat off to them.