Woman Killed in Henry Ruggs Crash Has Been Identified


The woman who was killed in a fiery car crash, involving Henry Ruggs, has been identified as 23 year old, Tina Tintor.

Former Raiders wide receiver Henry Ruggs III was charged Wednesday morning with a DUI from an early morning crash that resulted in the death of Tintor. On November 2nd at around 3 am, driving at 156 mph with a blood-alcohol content twice Nevada’s legal limit, Ruggs rear-ended Tina Tintor in a Toyota RAV4.  

Ruggs was selected by the Las Vegas Raiders in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft. The fastest player at the 2020 NFL combine was released from the team on Tuesday night.

As Ruggs’ sped down and approached the woman’s vehicle on the three-lane road, he veered right behind her before slamming into her car, police said. A few bystanders tried to help including Alexander Hart. A security guard, from a nearby condominium, Hart drove to the scene upon hearing the crash.

Hart attempted to pull her out but couldn’t because she was pinned inside her vehicle.

Moments later, Hart reported to the police that Tintor’s car instantly went up in flames. She was in the driver’s seat while her dog was reportedly in the back. After failed rescue efforts by several bystanders and first responders, Tintor died while pinned inside her 2013 Toyota RAV4, police said.

Wednesday morning, Ruggs entered the courtroom in a wheelchair and a neck brace to appear before Judge Joe Bonaventure.

Ruggs was ordered to stay away from alcohol and other controlled substances. He is not allowed to drive and must surrender his passport. Bonaventure set his bail to $150,000 even though the state requested for it to be set for $1,000,000.

Tintor’s family members sat in a full courtroom and declined to make any statements. However, Clark County District Attorney, Steve Wolfson spoke with the family on Wednesday. 

“The family’s torn apart, as anybody would be,” he said. “This was a terrible, terrible collision, so they’re mourning their loss. They’re grieving. They’re mad.” Tintor was reportedly unmarried and had no children.

A small memorial with flower bouquets and religious candles rested on the sidewalk near the car crash.


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