REPORT: Rasheed Constantine Najm of Nappy Headz has Died?

Radio Facts has been informed by a source that Rasheed Constantine Najm of the group Nappy Headz has died. According to sources, he passed yesterday. He had been on dialysis for more than a decade. We will keep you posted as we receive more details.

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  1. Sheed, You’ll never be forgotten & you will live forever in our hearts! I’ll miss seeing your weird Facebook News posts LOL! I still don’t know where you found some of those crazy insane stories…?
    But it definitely put smiles on my face and laughter in all my days.
    Much Love and Respect,
    From a facebook friend…Jenene

  2. There should be NO question mark in this title. Learn how to write. Know the difference between a statement and asking a question.


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