Rae Carruth’s Son Chancellor is 20. Grandmother Takes him to London (video)


In the late 90s, everybody was glued to their TV to watch the trial of Rae Carruth, the Carolina Panthers player who hired hitman Van Bret Watkins to kill his then-pregnant girlfriend Cherica Adams. After being shot multiple times at a red light while driving by Watkins, Cherica was able to call the police in complete medical distress and told them that Rae Carruth was responsible. She died and her unborn baby didn’t get enough oxygen to his brain in the process and was born via a C section but had brain damage which resulted in Cerebral Palsy. Cherica’s mother raised the boy, Chancellor Adams who is now 20, Rae Carruth was released from prison in 2018 and moved east to start a new life and Cherica’s mom says the only person who apologized to her was Van Brett Watkins who is still in prison got 40 to 50 years for the crime. The story was a HUGE tragedy all the way around. See how Watkins has aged tremendously in the second video.

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