Serial Homicidal Rapist Captured in Cleveland, Lets One Woman go. She Calls in to WENZ (audio)

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Video: Deputy Chief Tomba updates the investigation into suspected serial killer Anthony Sowell

Cleveland , Ohio- “A Moment of Healing”, is what Radio One Cleveland hopes to give back to this community Friday November 6, 2009 from 6-8pm, where they will gather at Luke Easter Park (on the Baseball Diamond), for a cand lelight vigil in memory of the victims and the families involved in the Imperial Street Tragedy. “This is a very difficult time for the victim’s families, this moment of healing is a way for the entire Cleveland community to mourn this unfathomable tragedy”, says Colby Colb, Operations Manager for Radio One Cleveland .Basheer Jones of Newstalk 1490 is one of the on-air personalities that will be present to offer words of encouragement along with, Robyn Simone and colby colb of Z1079. There will be a moment of silence for the victims followed by the cand lelight vigil ceremony. This is a time where we call the community to action. Radio One Cleveland is a media outlet that will get behind the community and support them every step to the way. Midday Radio Host, Robyn Simone had some thoughts to share, “Words cannot express the sadness, the anger and disappointment I feel, knowing that such a tragedy has occurred in a community that many call home.”Join us this Friday evening with the entire Radio One Family at Luke Easter Park 3090 Martin Luther King Blvd, Cleveland , Oh 44104 as we share. “A Moment of Healing”, with our city. a

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