Locating Black Writers is a Challenge for Blogs and Sites

Several Black sites and black-owned entertainment industry businesses have been complaining about and looking for writers for years and the resources to find them are not only limited, they barely exist. “Many of us often have to ask people who are not writers to write and the quality and effectiveness is not there.” Said Kevin Ross CEO of Radio Facts “It is often viewed as racist to ask certain industry organizations for Black writers who cater to all writers so that has been a problem as well.” Ross continued to say.

We contacted a very large agency that has a connection to black writers and asked them why they didn’t have a link on their website where companies can hire black writers and they never responded.

Without question, blogs and sites can’t often pay what major outlets pay but it can still be steady work and exposure for black writers. Some sites use Craigslist or Fiverr to find writers but the response is not often good writers but people who want to be writers or who play games like using the stories and links with others’ names credited on them then claiming they are ghostwriters.

If you know of resources where sites and blogs can FIND black writers let us know so that we can utilize them and let other sites know.

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  1. Marc Curtis Little June 20, 2020

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