Ex-Bronco Bill Romanowski Calls Cam Newton a “Boy” and Then…


If you are not familiar with Bill Romanowski, he was considered one of the dirtiest players in the league and he was often called out by his own teammates. Last night after the Carolina Panthers were defeated by the Denver Broncos, Bill Romanowski took to twitter to let Cam Newton know exactly what he thought about him.cam-newton-bill-romanowski-racist-tweetBill has been around a long time and he knows what he is doing but of course, he came back instantly with another tweet saying, “Calm down everyone! I meant he needs to grow up.”Cam Newton fans and others on twitter were not having it so of course Bill Romanowski came back with an obligatory apology tweet that read, “I apologize for that remark ‘boy’. It was not intentional or even trying to disrespect others. Peace everyone.”Many people were upset or disappointed by the way Cam Newton abruptly left his press conference and they questioned his leadership because of it. He was visibly upset by the loss as many other Carolina Panthers were crying. It was definitely a tough loss and most had the Panthers winning but if you watched the game, you saw what happened. ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith said he understood Cam’s frustration but also agreed that he can’ t just walk away. All of that is fine – question his leadership or even his toughness as some did because Cam didn’t dive into the pile where he could have possibly recovered a fumble but for Bill to call Cam a “boy” is completely uncalled for especially with the history of the word in relation to grown Black men.Just for perspective, here are some of the things Bill Romanowski is known for below. So I guess Cam’s “attitude” is uncalled for according to this man below.Bill Rom

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