Vanish elected as President-Elect of MBUG


Dr. Keilani Vanish has been unanimously elected as President-Elect for Mississippi Banner User Group (MBUG).

The Board of Directors of Mississippi Banner User Group (MBUG) has unanimously elected Dr. Keilani Vanish as President – Elect. Vanish has served on the Board since 2015.  She is currently the Comptroller for the Development Foundation at Jackson State University.

“As President-elect, I will be preparing to be President for the 2020-2021 fiscal year.  I will also fill-in as President in the absence of the current elected President,” says Vanish. I hope my new role brings awareness to the Banner training opportunities and networking with our sister schools.”

MBUG is an association of community colleges, universities and IHL in Mississippi. Its purpose is to offer Banner training to employees of Mississippi’s Institutions of Higher Learning.  Any Ellucian Banner user from an institution in the state is eligible for membership. Today, MBUG has 15 member institutions.

“I am most excited about the MBUG conference that we host every year.  I have a lot of good ideas to enhance the conference and make it more enjoyable to the attendees.”

She has shared her knowledge by presenting topics that are important to conference attendees. Vanish has also implemented Banner enhancements and products to increase efficiency throughout JSU’s campus.

Banner enhancements include:

  • Web Time Entry – electronic time keeping system that allowed students to record and submit hours worked.
  • Online Requisitions – allows departments to electronically request permission to purchase goods and services.

Banner products:

  • Time and Effort Module – electronic system use to record and certify time spent working on various sponsored projects at JSU.
  • Travel and Expense Module – allow employee to request travel authorization approval and submit travel reimbursement through an electronic system.

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