Nino Brown is Back on the Streets: Wesley Snipes Released from Prison


Wesley SnipesAll you Blade, Mo Betta Blues, New Jack City, and Passenger 57 fans can relax and breathe now that Wesley Snipes has been released from a federal prison after serving time on tax charges.Wesley Snipes was convicted in 2008 for tax evasion and he entered prison in December of 2010. He was finally released Tuesday and placed under home arrest according to federal authorities. A spokesperson said that Wesley will be under house arrest until July 19, 2013 and after that he is a totally free man.Wesley Snipes belonged to a group that challenged the government’s right to collect taxes. U.S. prosecutors say he failed to file returns for at least a decade and owed millions of dollars in back taxes. It goes to show you that you can##Q##t f*ck with Uncle Sam. They will come after your for their money.

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