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NewsOne Rips Top 10 DJs from Digital and Radio Facts . Oh Well?


I got several emails this morning about NewsOne's post on The Top 20 Radio Radio DJeys of All Time… Perhaps we should rename them NewsTWO because they copy from the Number Ones? Motha….It's bad enough that Radio One does not allow their employees to talk to trades to give us news, but to literally STEAL creative ideas from small innovative publishers, in addition to this, like Digital and Radio Facts is absurd. The big GREEDY corporation has to have it all? Well, this is the kind of sh (we have a Gospel section now so I will curtail my cursing, which NewsOne will probably COPY that too) that motivates me to be even MORE creative. They could have hired me and I could have come up with a better list for them than that in my sleep. At least BUILD on it instead of just RIPPING IT OFF… (lol) Their list is OBVIOUSLY contrived, how many Radio One people are on there? I mean really guys c'mon. We allowed READERS to vote for the winners on our list and our winners are LEGITIMATE. (lol)Well, I'm going to do something different here. I'm going to give THEM credit and a link for The Top 10 DJ concept from Digital and Radio Facts .If imitation is the greatest form of flattery, why do I feel like I've been RIPPED! C'mon NewsOne, can we have some innovation please?   Robin Quivers? I thought it was The Top 20 BLACK Radio DJS of All Time, isn't she a white sidekick? I won't dissect the rest of this so called “List” because I like and respect a lot of the people on it and I am beyond sure real radio people who read it will scratch their heads and ask ‘who in the hell compiled this?' Well for those of us who are true radio vets and KNOW the game… here is the Digital and Radio Facts REAL list…. printed this past November.Here is their link to this so called Top 20 Black “List”

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