Nashville Police Fatally Shoot Grammy-winning Sound Engineer Accused of Assault and Kidnapping


    Police shot and killed a Grammy-winning sound engineer who was accused of kidnapping his wife and stepdaughter in Tennessee.

    Don Aaron, a spokesperson for Metro Nashville Police, said that Mark Capps (54), was killed by an officer at his home in Hermitage. Aaron stated that Capps was being held on warrants for aggravated assault, and aggravated kidnapping.

    Police said that his 60-year old wife and 23 year-old stepdaughter claimed he held them hostage in their home on Thursday morning.

    Aaron stated that the victims claimed Capps awakened them at three a.m. and gathered them in their living room with guns. He refused to let them leave. Police were told that Capps threatened them with death if they called anyone. However, they managed to flee when he fell asleep. Aaron stated that they went to the police and were issued arrest warrants in the afternoon.

    Three SWAT officers arrived at the Capps home to arrest him. He opened the front door with a gun and Officer Kendall Coon shouted at him to stop.

    Aaron stated that Officer Coon had deemed Capps’ movements to be an imminent threat and was fired. Capps was killed on the spot.

    The shooting video appears to show the front door opening. An officer can be heard shouting “Show me my hands!” before firing seconds later.

    The shooting will be investigated by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. Nashville Police Department will review the interactions and tactics used to determine if they are in compliance with departmental standards.

    Capps’ website says he is a multi-platinum Grammy award-winning Engineer/Mixer/Producer. His work on polka albums won him four Grammys. His website also lists other albums where he has done engineering and mixing work.

    Source: AP


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