Police Fear More Victims as Metro-Atlanta EMT Charged With Over 20 Counts of Child Abuse


Police fear more victims may be out there as they charge a Metro-Atlanta EMT with over 20 counts of child abuse.

After someone was concerned that a 2-year-old was being abused, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office launched a criminal investigation.

After an intense investigation that lasted for weeks, the sheriff’s office said Cristian Stern and Logan Steele, the child’s mother, were arrested on April 4 and face over 20 counts of abuse to a child, according to a release from the sheriff’s office. 

“The investigation, still underway, exposed the conduct of Stern, who is a Georgia EMT and active in the Georgia National Guard. Stern has worked on Ambulances in several areas in the Metro Atlanta area,” the release said.

It is not clear how the 20-plus counts break down between the two because the arrest report does not list their specific charges.

Deputies are concerned there may be more victims. The investigation is still going on.

The sheriff’s office asks anyone else who has experienced abuse or if Stern has abused their child to contact the lead investigator at 678-486-1245 or [email protected]

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