Why is that you can hear a pin drop when the subject of Bullying comes up a room full of people?

Digital and Radio Facts: This video is disturbing because there is a good chance it's happening in your city at many of the schools in your city too.

Bullying is a predatory act that should be treated as a crime. It has a lifelong residual effect which makes victims susceptible to being bullied by bosses, preachers, “friends” and even “loved” ones. Many times bullies grow up to be bullies or those who have BEEN bullied get jobs where they abuse their authority in exchange for retribution to pay the types of people who bullied them back.

Bullying robs a child of his or her self esteem and value at an age when they are not able to reasonably access the situation for what it really is. This is the reason some kids resort to suicide after being bullied. They think something is wrong with them and that their lives are not worth living. For survivors, bullying is the reason many people suffer from depression, commit suicide and it can be the birthplace for addiction.

In this country, we will NEVER take bullying seriously for one main reason …. we prefer one-headed monsters over the ones with many heads. It's one of the only crimes that we ignore because there are often witnesses, bystanders, and even adults who could help but fail to do so. To that end, this is what makes it so traumatic for the victim.

They conclude that they are not worth saving or helping and the fear that a child feels when threatened like this is insurmountable in comparison to an adult who can often protect themselves by escaping the circumstances.

Humiliation, fear and concluding at that moment that they are not important enough to save is too much for a young brain to process. With all due respect to the current movements and our need to address mental health, Bullying is living right next door. The fact that we can actually discount a child committing suicide after being bullied is nefarious.

I saw this video on TMZ of a 12-year-old black boy being bullied by another much bigger boy as he was just arriving at school. This was not a white boy, it was another black boy who did it. This brought back a few memories of how I grew up and some of the kids in the neighborhood who enjoyed being bullies and looking for other kids who they knew were scared of them or who may have been different.

I was the victim of it and I saw it happen to other kids and it's probably not an irony that most of the bullies I grew up with are either in jail or they ended up being brutally murdered when they approached the wrong person as an adult and they were outnumbered by a bullet. (Can you pass the mustard please for my sandwich?)

These are the things that our society never wants to address but it hits harder for black boys or girls who are already up against the odds. This particular school is one that Bill and Melinda Gates have donated millions to but it's not their fault that the staff doesn't give a sh about the safety of the kids as the one staffer walks right by the incident and does nothing about it as long as she gets her check. (must have been payday)

What is incredibly interesting about this story is the big kid choked the boy into a state of delirium where the boy ended up losing conciseness and oxygen to his brain. He now has permanent brain damage FOR LIFE what's even more bizarre is his mother doesn't want to press charges. Her reason is the bully is just a child.

Granted, the bully had remorse (in the video) when he tried to help his victim and there is a good chance he didn't' realize what he was doing would have permanent effects and we don't know HIS situation, he may be being abused at home himself or ignored by his mother who has a man in the house that's not his father. Kids do stupid sh especially when they are not TAUGHT to be more responsible.

So the victim's mother is suing the school instead. Perhaps it hasn't hit her yet what she is up against for her lifespan when the kid is not able to make it as an adult on his own. The whole story is just tragic more so because we chose to ignore it.

Bullying is NOT a right of passage for kids, stop saying that sh, it's a damn crime. We will never take bullying seriously because we are used to one-headed monsters when it comes to perpetrators but when the pointed finger is aimed at a mirror that reflects irresponsible adults, a school, or a community, we'd rather turn and walk in the other direction as if nothing happened. Bullying is a monster with many heads. Other children, adults, parents, and staff. There are too many people who have to take responsibility and we don't like that, mmm mmm.

The bigger kid should be charged and expelled and his parents should be charged too. If you want to stop bullying, just put the parents in jail for a weekend. The school should be sued and the staffer who walked by should be fired. It's a shame that the only people that came to this boy's rescue were two other boys who literally saved his life. Those kids are being raised well The bully is still attending school as if nothing happened.  Yep. O well,  let's all shrug our shoulders and get on with our day until the next child commits suicide. Hey, what's for dinner?


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