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James Arthur returns with his brand new album YOU – today via Columbia Records. The 17-song epic finds the global star at both his boldest and most promiscuous, with hard-hitting lyrics, a restless rifle through musical styles and the searing vocals of someone with plenty to get off their chest.

The singer turned 30 during YOU’s gestation and rather than the expected bout of soul searching, the landmark birthday left him liberated. “I stopped caring what other people thought,” he says. “I looked back at what I’d achieved and realized that I don’t need to compete anymore. 30 isn’t old by any means, but it’s not an age to be chasing trends. I know the music I want to make. I’m not trying to be anyone else.

From the retro hip hop music of the single “Treehouse” (featuring Ty Dolla $ign and Shooty Horroh) to the hymnal folk of “Fall,” from the soul-rock belter “From Me To You” to the jazzy “Breathe” and the furious title track that features Travis Barker, YOU is a spectacular statement of intent from one of pop’s most versatile performers.

Upcoming single “Quite Miss Home” is another important song on the record, a stately, strings-accompanied track. James says: “This song is inspired by being away from home a lot and the little nuances that make home what it is to me and other people I observe in my life.” Other stand out tracks include the Eg White (Adele, Sam Smith) co-penned “If We Can Get Through This We Can Get Through Anything,” about the difficulties of long-term relationships, and the stunning piano ballad “Maybe,” written with James’ best friend Jamie Grey, with whom he grew up playing in rock bands.

The last few years have been remarkable for James. He was recently awarded a disc for reaching a billion streams on Spotify with his No.1 global hit ‘Say You Won't Let Go'. Only 18 records have achieved a billion streams on Spotify in history, and James is one of 10 artists globally to do this including Drake, Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber.

You (feat. Travis Barker)
Finally Feel Good
Marine Parade (2013)
If We Can Get Through This We Can Get Through Anything
Car’s Outside
Quite Miss Home
Treehouse (feat. Ty Dolla $ign & Shotty Horroh)
Sad Eyes
Unconditionally (feat. Adam Lazzara)
Homicide Love
Falling Like The Stars
Empty Space
From Me To You I Hate Everybody


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  1. James Arthur has outdone himself with this new Album!
    It is simply amazing and so diverse. I hope James finally gets the recognition he so deserves.
    If this album stays #1, which it is now in the UK, then it will mean that for James’s 3 albums, they have been:
    James Arthur: #2(Eminem was No. 1)
    Back From The Edge: #1
    You #1
    I would say that is pretty impressive!

  2. This Album by James Arthur is another peace of heaven, all the songs are beautifully made and sung, i really can’t escape one of them. What a great singer songwriter we have on James, hope “You” will attract more lisners because it’s well deserved ???

  3. This man is so talented his voice is so full of emotion it could melt the hardest heart i hope folks will stop continuing to hold the silly mistakes he made while he was in a dark place and be happy to see him happy successful and strong God bless you James Arthur

  4. Amen. Before I got treatment for anxiety I was in a bad place and you don’t make the best decisions then. Him being a vocal advocate for mental health issues is helping get rid of the stigma surrounding them. Using his voice for good. What a man!