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Podcast Network is First Project to Launch under New MWM Universe Deal to Expand the Brand into Emerging Areas

MWM Universe, the IP engine of diversified entertainment media company MWM, and Frolic Media, the integrated media brand for Romance fans founded by Lisa Berger and Sarah Penna, have joined forces to form Frolic Podcast Network. The network launches today with 13 of the most popular romance-centric podcasts covering the range of topics and genres for Romance fans and everyone who loves a Happily Ever After.

Frolic’s podcast network is the first project that falls under a new overall deal with MWM Universe to develop and produce diversified, story-driven media experiences that cater to Romance fan.The podcast network extends Frolic’s brand and serves one of the fastest-growing audience sectors in podcasting.

The network features unique voices and personalities covering the many genres of Romance in literature and pop culture. Popular series within the network include Smart Podcast, Trashy Books, an extension of host Sarah Wendell’s popular Smart Bitches, Trashy Books website. Frolic Media is partnering with MWM Universe to distribute, sell, and market the shows to build audiences across the Frolic Podcast Network.

“Storytelling is at MWM’s core, and we are eager to work with Frolic Media to super-serve this passionate and diverse audience,” said Morgan Kruger, EVP of Operations & Diana Williams, EVP of Creative at MWMu. “Partnering with Frolic will enable us to engage fans at a moment when the romance industry is at an inflection point.”

“Romance is truly universal. It generates over $1 billion in the U.S. and is a major driver in pop culture.. The podcast network brings together incredibly talented voices and diverse points of view who share a passion for a great love story,” said Lisa Berger, co-Founder of Frolic Media. “Partnering with MWM Universe allows us to scale quickly and build a premier network of talent in the genre.

We’re thrilled to be working with them,” added Sarah Penna, co-Founder of Frolic Media. The upcoming Frolic Podcast Network series include: Smart Podcast, Trashy Books: One of the most popular voices in Romance, Sarah Wendell’s Smart Podcast, Trashy Books, interviews authors, readers, reviewers, bloggers, publishing professionals, editors, and librarians about romance novels, which are among the most popular genres in fiction worldwide.

Frequent topics include romance novels, the way the genre is changing, and the brilliant and interesting people who read, write, and produce it, and issues common among romance readers. The Cutaways: Film editors Ashley and Justine as they dissect romantic comedies through the ages.

My Imaginary Friends w/ L Penelope: Award-winning fantasy author L. Penelope shares perspectives on the writing life, creativity, inspiration, and the week’s best thing. Learning The Tropes: Erin Leafe and Clayton Gumber discuss new romance novels every week in this fun celebration of the romance genre.

Jeff & Will’s Big Gay Fiction Podcast: The Big Gay Fiction Podcast is for avid readers and passionate fans of gay romance fiction. Each week they bring you exclusive author interviews, book recommendations, and explore the latest in gay pop culture. Too Stupid To Live: Comedy writer/actor Becky Feldman along with a hilarious guest review romance novels that are $5 or less.

Each episode is filled with naughty reviews, sexy excerpts, and perceptive analysis on those steamy book covers. Top To BOTM: The podcast celebrates the M/M romance genre across books, yaoi, comics, video games, and more! At the top of the month, they discuss the various goings-on of the genre and announce the Book of The Month. At the BOTM, they will discuss their book pick at length.

Shelf Love: A romance novel podcast meant to engage the romance reading community and crowdsourcing its thoughts on the hosts reads books. Guest hosts include romance reviewers, longtime readers, and newbies to the genre. Whoa! Mance: A podcast by Whoa! mance covering Romance, Feminism, and Ourselves. Not Your Mom’s Romance Book Club: Imagine reading your favorite steamy romance novel… with your mom reading over your shoulder.

Ellen and her mom set out to do just that with this book club and they want you to join in. It’s fun, it’s swoony, and it’s awkward. Living in The Pages: Living in the Pages is a podcast hosted by author Willow Aster. Insightful interviews with authors about their books, life, and the art of writing.

Tea and Strumpets: Tune in to hear two friends discuss all the steamy (and sometimes tepid) details of the regency romance genre First Cup of Coffee: Award-winning and best-selling author of fantasy and romance, Jeffe Kennedy shares her first cup of coffee of the day with listeners, giving a daily insight into the realities of being a career author. Shows are available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and anywhere else podcasts are found.

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