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Hot 107.9 Stops the Music to Stop Bullying

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HOT 107.9 radio stopped the music for two hours to discuss bullying.Tiffany Lewis now a college student, admitted to bullying other kids while she was in middle schoolLewis said not even her mother could stop her.Lewis said, “It really didn’t stop until middle school and I actually was bullied. When I got the backlash it became very apparent I shouldn’t do it any more.”Lewis and HOT 107.9 radio hosts The Durrty Boyz spoke to listeners and several panelist about the growing problem.Panelist Monique Rivarde said while there is no simple solution, she wants to see an end to the violence.Rivarde said, “I know my son was bullied and that’s why my passion is to stop this.”Rivarde’s son, Bobby Tillman, was beaten to death by a group of teens last week in Douglas County.More than 50 students stood by and watched. read more https://www.cbsatlanta.com/news/25805091/detail.html

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