Fire Destroys Georgia Church In Less Than 10 Minutes During A Service


The Douglas Christian Fellowship Church located on the 2700 block of East Baker Highway, Douglas, caught on fire Wednesday night during service around 7:15 p.m. 

Officials stated that the fire took less than 10 minutes to destroy the building. According to a Fox 5 report, rangers from a State Forestry Commission office across the road from the church alerted everyone inside to evacuate after seeing the fire. Luckily no one was injured in the fire because of the rangers’ early alert. 

Crews were on the fire scene all night as well as multiple volunteers and several agencies. Officials launched an investigation on what caused the church to go up in flames. Some early reports suggest that a propane tank may have exploded at the church. 

The video footage of the fire blaze at The Douglas Fellowship Church has now been posted on CBS46 Atlanta’s Youtube channel and also shows the scale of the fire at the church. 

Witnesses can be seen standing in a car park as the church went into flames and also spread to other areas of the premises. Large clouds of smoke can also be seen rising throughout the video. The extensive damage caused the roof over one part of the building to collapse and another part to be leveled in its entirety. 

“This is pretty impressive, and I don't mean impressive in a good way,” said Robert Preston Jr. of DouglasNow while live on the scene. “This fire happened in a hurry, it spread in a hurry, and it did a lot of damage in a hurry.”

On Douglas Christian Fellowship Church’s website, it states “At DCF, you will find many ways to grow in the Lord, a loving and caring church family environment, and multiple opportunities to make a difference in our local church, community, and world.” The website also states that its mission is to “prepare people to connect, grow, and service: God- Church- Community.

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