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Fashion Editor’s Offensive Photo Sparks Controversy on MLK Day

o-DASHA-ZHUKOVA-570Another day, another racist perspective from the world of fashion. Dasha Zhukova is a Russian socialite, philanthropist, entrepreneur, fashion designer and the editor-in-chief of bi-annual art and fashion magazine GARAGE. She is also the partner of Russian billionaire, Roman Abramovich. The socialite sent the internet into a frenzy after an online magazine published a photo of her sitting on a chair resembling an almost-naked Black woman- on MLK day. The blog known as Buro 24/7 used the photo of Dasha Zhukova Monday to highlight an interview with her regarding her GARAGE brand. Miroslava Duma, the blog’s editor, also posted the highly offensive photo on Instagram. After several comments pointing out the ignorance in the photo, Duma deleted the picture from Instagram. After deleting the photo, Duma instantly released an apology, which you can read below. Many people still were not having it after the apology and let the editor know just how they felt about the racist tone of the photo.Screen Shot 2014-01/1 at 6.44.01 AM



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