Family Left With Questions After Ambulance Never Showed up for Detroit Woman Killed in Drive-by Shooting


    After an ambulance never showed up for a Detroit woman who was killed in a drive-by shooting, a family is left with questions. Two people are now in custody for the drive-by shooting of a woman in her car on the city’s east side.

    The shooting occurred while the victim’s mother and sister watched, said police. Cierra Wells was killed in the shooting.

    The shooting was a case of mistaken identity, sources close to the investigation claimed.

    After placing a 911 call, the mother said the ambulance never came.

    Yquitta Wells and her two daughters were on the way to the market when bullets came flying through the window.

    “I ducked, and I looked in the back, and all I saw was powder smoke from the gun,” Yquitta said.

    The mother knew every second counted once she discovered her daughter, Cierra, had been shot. Immediately Yquitta called 911.

    “Do you have an ETA for medics?” Yquitta asked, according to dispatch audio from Broadcastify.

    “I do not. I will let them know it is a confirmed GSW,” the dispatcher responded.

    While waiting for the ambulance, the victim’s mother watched as her daughter fought to hang onto life.

    “The ambulance never showed. They never showed. My baby was sitting there in the car and we were yelling where is the ambulance,” she said.

    An on-scene officer took Cierra to the hospital in his patrol car. The victim later died at the hospital.

    On Sunday, the victim had just celebrated her 20th birthday. Unbeknown to her family, it would be her last.

    “We are a close family. We don’t bother anybody. Who? Who? Who would shoot in the car?” Cierra’s grandmother, Charletta, asked.

    The bullets were not intended for Cierra, sources said.

    The victim’s grandmother said Cierra had a lot to offer the world, and their lives would never be the same after her passing.

    “(She was) Beautiful, amazing! Lights up a room everywhere she goes,” Yquitta said.

    “They took away our breath. She was a joy to see every day,” Charletta added.

    The intended target has yet to be identified by police. More information is being gathered as to why the ambulance never arrived.


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