Editorial: “Karen” Fired from Job for Lying to Police About a Black Man in Central Park “Threatening her Life” Shouldn’t she be Arrested Too?


And so Amy Cooper aka a “Karen” bids adieu to her employment after the feighed plot to have a black man arrested (and possiblly killed) failed.

Can we just take a moment to thank the creators of cell phone video? Cell phone video has proven the points made by generations of Black people wrongly accused, arrested, and convicted and while there is nothing or little that can be done about the aforementioned at this point, there IS something to DO about this white woman who tells this black man in the park that she is going to LIE to the police about him threatening her life.

Historically, this same thing has happened and black men have even been killed for it. He is a “birdie” that’s a person who enjoys watching birds tweet and shyt I guess in the parks and if I was a “birdie” I would be deeply troubled if I was watching a rare bluebird, jerking his head around and tweeting and somebody’s unleashed dog just came up and I heard a loud crunch while I was taking its picture.

“Karen’s” privilege is in overdrive after the black man asked her to put her beast on a leash. I sincerely hope she was not the human resources director at her now-former job. She should probably be arrested too since she put this man’s entire life at risk.


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