Police Release Video of Vicious Pawn Shop Beating in Queens New York


Police released a shocking video of a vicious pawnshop beating in Queens New York. The owner was so severely beaten with a metal rod that police thought the man had been shot in the head.

The 60-year-old owner of Global Pawn Shop in Jamaica can be shown on the clip released by the police early Friday, on the floor raising his arms and desperately trying to stop the flurry of blows Monday afternoon.

The attacker, dressed in black, does not stop beating the man. He pushes the victim back down on the ground to continue the brutal assault.

Initially, the police thought the pawnshop owner had been shot in the head because the attack was so vicious. Once they were at Jamaica Hospital Medical Center, it was discovered that the victim suffered from blunt force trauma.

According to cops, the victim is still in critical condition. Police say they do not have a motive for the assault.

Friday, the police released the 10-second clip, along with photos of the attacker, who is still being sought for the beating.

The attacker was originally clad in a dark blue jacket with a hood, face mask, and green Adidas baseball cap, newer images show the suspect in earmuffs and glasses. NYPD police said the suspect is described as roughly 5 feet 7 inches tall, 150 pounds, with a medium build and medium complexion. He was last seen fleeing westbound on Jamaica Avenue.

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