R&B Singer Puff Johnson Has Stage Four Cervical Cancer, Donate Now

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Puff Johnson (born Ewanya Johnson, December 10, 1972, Detroit, Michigan) is an American singer-songwriter. She emerged on the music scene with the singles “Forever More”, and “Over & Over” which appeared on the soundtrack of the film The First Wives Club, the single was a hit in Europe and Australia reaching the Top 20 in both continents. She released her first and critically acclaimed album, Miracle, in 1996. The album was produced by Randy Jackson of American Idol. She has also collaborated with Puff+Johnson+PuffNarada Michael Walden & Diane Warren the top Pop Record producers. She also work with Tupac Shakur on his hit single, “Me Against the World”, which was featured on the Bad Boys movie soundtrack and his album of the same name. Before moving to South Africa in 2008, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. While living there she was responding to treatment. Two years after living in South Africa, the cancer returned with vengeance. When she was no longer responding to treatment, she regretfully had to leave South Africa, the place she called home for three years and return to her family and friends in the states. Now dealing with this illness, her spirits and beliefs are strong. She is working towards being healthy and cancer free once again so she can get back on stage to sing and entertain her fans. You can donate here…


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