Ebro in the Morning Discusses the Political Future of Rap Music, Kevin Liles is a Guest (video)


    Ebro in the Morning discussed the political future of rap music. Ebro said the purpose of hip-hop has always been to change lives through storytelling. Artists get a chance to express themselves freely in the hip-hop world.

    “Tell our story and change our circumstances for us and future generations. Leveraging the music, we make and the entertainment we provide to the masses and hopefully get to a better place in our life,” said Ebro.

    Now, rappers, Young Thug and YSL are being confronted about lyrics in their music to keep them in jail and to be used as evidence against them in a larger RICO charge.

    A new bill called “Rap Music on Trial” will make sure that there is clear evidence submitted by prosecutors in order to submit these lyrics into law.

    “We introduced the bill which was titled “Rap Music on Trial.” And it is about making sure that the prosecution has to submit to a bar, right, of clear and convincing evidence in order to be able to admit these lyrics into law,” said New York State Senator Jamaal Bailey.

    Bailey said it is challenging to tell who wrote the lyrics because of ghostwriters. There are a lot of questions to ask, such as the state of the mind of the person who wrote the lyrics and who created the content.

    The most important thing that the community can do is to get out and vote locally.  Making sure the right people are in place to get the laws passed is going to help the community the most, said Kevin Liles CEO and chairman of Electra Music Group.

    Government corruption and money distribution are some of the main problems for the issues in society.

    “This isn’t a new problem the reason this problem still exists of gangs guns, society failure, policy failure, is because as a society we are not willing to address the real issues at hand,” argued Ebro.

    It is important to have accountability and for young people to know that the system is set up for them not to succeed said Ebro.

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