Woman Feeding Homeless Under Bridge in LA Sues City After Being Struck by a Car

    Image credit: Kevin Ross

    A 64-year-old woman in the San Fernando Valley section of Los Angeles by the name of Deborah Todd is suing the city of Los Angeles after being hit by a car while giving homeless people under a bridge sandwiches and food.

    Homeless people often set up camps under bridges to protect themselves from the elements. However, it is also extremely dangerous for passing vehicles as well as the homeless.

    Apparently, the tents were blocking Todd’s path and she had to step into the street to get around them. This was when she was struck by a car causing several injuries to her back, leg, and arm.

    She is suing the city because there was no light or stop sign anywhere to tell drivers to watch for foot traffic. The city has declined to comment on the suit filed for the incident that took place this past October 4.

    The filing came just a few days after mayor Eric Garcetti is allowed the City Council to remove these types of encampments that caused public safety problems away from freeway overpasses

    The homeless problem in LA is probably one of the worst in the country at this point over 160,000 people are homeless in the Los Angeles area.

    And with a new moratorium that was just placed that allows landlords to evict people who haven’t paid their rent for months. The homeless situation may even increase.

    One could easily ask how the city is supposed to keep up with these types of infractions with the homeless population continuously growing. Then again one could also ask why is there such a dire homeless problem IN Los Angeles with over 160,000 people on the street. This is in addition to the 150,000 that left the city last year.

    In essence, the city could have a bigger problem on its hands if it doesn’t do enough about the homeless situation.

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