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Downtown Music Publishing Launches New Division

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dmpNeighbouring Rights ensure that artists are compensated when the recorded performance of their songs are performed in public on satellite and online radio services such as Pandora. This is comparable to songwriters being compensated for the public performance of their songs or copyright. In other words, radio services cannot play a recorded performance without the proper license.Last year, such payouts in the United States alone amounted to over $800 million. Internationally, Neighbouring Rights also include compensation for performances on terrestrial radio.Downtown is just one of the handful of companies providing Neighbouring Rights services globally. Although newly launched, the division has been operational for almost 5 years and formed part of the Eagle-i Music acquisition from last year. This service is open to all rights holders, not just Downtown Music Publishing clients.”We are already established and are currently members of over 30 Neighbouring Rights societies; offering a full global reach for labels, performers and non-featured performers alike,” said Roberto Neri, MD of Downtown UK. “The difference now is the unique unparalleled systems at Downtown, which take our level of transparency and service to new heights and makes us the destination of choice for Neighbouring Rights collection.”Neri has appointed Luke Montague to the role of Neighbouring Rights Manager. “I am extremely proud of Luke who has been key to helping build our Neighbouring Rights division. He is a real asset to the company and our clients,” said Neri.

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