Thursday, January 7, 2010, Cleveland , Ohio”¦WTAM is pleased to announce the addition of Jim Traficant to the Saturday talk line-up on WTAM. Jim Traficant’s program will debut on WTAM this Saturday, January 9th from 1 p.m. ““ 4 p.m.

“It’s exciting to be on the air on WTAM.   I’ve got much to say on many of the issues facing both Ohio and America today,” Traficant exudes, “and look forward to sharing my perspective and experiences on the biggest news Radio Station in Northeast Ohio!”

“Traficant calls it like it is, and listeners relate to his common sense approach to politics and life in general,” said Ray Davis, Program Director for WTAM. He continued, “Jim is quite a personality, we are happy to have him join the talented stable of talk talent on WTAM and I am all about giving people a second chance in life”.

Jim Traficant served as Sheriff of Mahoning County. He was a Representative in the U.S. Congress from 1985 to 2002 before being expelled and convicted of federal charges. Traficant was released from a 7 year prison sentence on September 2, 2009.

His weekly talk show airs Saturday’s at 1 p.m.

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  1. Mr. Traficant,Here are two editorials I recently sent in to the Elyria Chronicle.The first has been published. The second is pending. That Time of YearIt’s that time again–when the stores are out askingyou for that dollar donation. You know what it’s like–when you’re in your third store of the day, just stoppingin for an apple and some sardines and about broke. Butyou find a way, don’t you? Or do you? Maybe you’regoing to say no. But then you see some lady in a pairof shoes with a pair of holes who donates her dollar–and then you see her in the parking lot getting into hercar that looks as though it came from Fonzie’s backyard.And then you see some woman in a new pair of heelssay no to donating. And then you see her in the parkinglot getting into her new car–parked in some handicap zone.Too often it’s the case that those who can afford lessare left to give more so that others can afford more.And when the pot is full and time for the old shoes toretire, the old shoes find the pot that she helped fill isgoing more toward the lady in the new heels. And that’sa dance I just can’t afford to look at anymore.Bob MayerAvon Lake RebuttalRegarding Bob Mayer’s expert analysis on the spendingand non-spending habits of Americans (3/2/10), I am leftto wonder about his motive. Is he talking about peopleWITH money who are giving less than people who arestruggling with their two-or-three part-time jobs and whoare on their various ways toward less-than-satisfactoryretirements–or is he talking about how the governmentis handing out HIGHER rewards to those who have putless or nothing into the collective poker pot that requiresnothing more than sitting down at the table? My guessis that he his talking about both.Bob MayerBox 144Avon Lake, OH 44012440/323-2846


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