Caught On Camera: 8-Year-Old Boy Recovers After Being Hit By A Car (Video)


    AKRON, Ohio (WOIO) – In Akron, a young boy 8 years old is currently in the process of recovering after being involved in a car accident just outside his residence. The child’s mother has kindly provided 19 News with their home’s security camera footage, which captures the exact moment when her son was struck by a car while attempting to cross Battles Avenue on May 27.

    “My son was on the ground crying, there was a lot going on,” said Ashley Wright. “God really has my back. Every time, he always comes through for me and my family.”

    The child was on his way home from the park across the street when a distressing incident occurred. In the video footage, we witness him dashing toward his residence, only to be struck by an SUV. The impact caused him to tumble multiple times before he managed to regain his footing and head back in the direction of the park.

    Meanwhile, the driver of the SUV continued driving for a few car lengths before coming to a halt. After a thorough investigation, the Akron police informed 19 News that they have examined the case and concluded that no charges will be pressed against the driver, and they will not receive a citation.

    “You never know what’s going on. What somebody else is looking at, what somebody else’s attention is on,” Wright said. “Almost every week we have a conversation like that.”

    According to her, her son is in good physical health but is facing psychological challenges. Source.


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