XO Digital Provides New Distribution Platform for Musicians


DigitalMusik1XO Digital is exceptionally proud to announce the release of its digital music distribution services to artists everywhere. With these new products that are designed at offering a huge amount of freedom to today’s most talented musicians and artists, XO Digital is aiming to give power back to the creative individuals who deserve it the most.XO Digital offers the lowest rates for digital distribution in the industry, which is evident when you compare its prices to some of its biggest competitors. XO Digital charges just $2.00 per track or ringtone, regardless of the total amount of content that an artist may be uploading at any one time.XO Digital is redefining the way musicians sell their music by offering the lowest rates in the industry while avoiding yearly subscriptions” explains Dale Hoggart, Vice President, US Sales. This unique pricing structure will allow artists to reap the full benefits of the pieces that they’ve worked so hard to create, which will ultimately go a long way towards allowing these creative individuals to thrive in the medium that they love so much.Once uploaded, XO Digital places an artists content in a large number of leading digital retailers immediately. They are the digital distribution option that is fastest to market. Users can sell their content to Apple’s iTunes Music Store, Amazon and more. XO Digital prides itself on getting a user’s content into the hands of digital retailers in days, not weeks. The company is able to achieve this thanks to a powerful team of talented and passionate professionals who are dedicated to nurturing artists, not servicing corporate overlords.Other digital retailers in the XO Digital network include Gracenote, Boinc, Digital Tunes, Mix Radio, Google Play, Rhapsody, Shazam, Spotify, Xbox Music and more.At the same time, users get to keep 100% of the rights to their content and reap the full reward with regards to revenues. There are no hidden fees or failed payouts. XO Digital prides itself on offering the fairest possible deal that allows digital artists of all types to keep what they’ve earned. www.xodigital.com

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