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RF Tech Watch: Wondershare MobileGo iOS Mac Does What iTunes Won’t

Wondershare-Logo, iPad, and iPod Touch users who sync their devices to a Mac; Wondershare has a great new product for you called MobileGo iOS, and quite simply, it lets you do what doesn’t – copy content from an iDevice back to the Mac. Ask just about any user who has downloaded non- purchased content to their iDevice and tries to sync it back to the Mac, or transfer content to their devices that did not come from ; it doesn’t really work – until now. MobileGo for iOS lets users seamlessly transfer Music content back to the library with 1-click, and allows music, , TV shows, Podcasts, even voice memos to be copied to the Mac. MobileGo iOS Mac is a very handy tool for “moving into” a new Mac as content can easily be migrated from the device to the Mac,

MobileGo for iOS Mac also solves another problem many users who have music and video content not purchased through iTunes have – how to correctly format and convert music and videos from different sources and be able to copy them to their iDevices so they can be enjoyed on the go. MobileGo for iOS leverages Wondershare’s famous Video Converter technology to ensure the best possible playback quality perfectly formatted for the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch screen with no guesswork. MobileGo for iOS Mac can also help users manage their and albums by transferring the iDevice’s camera roll back to the Mac and create/organize albums.

MobileGo iOS Mac Key Features:

Transfer iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch music content back to the Mac and integrates into the iTunes library.
Transfer music, movies, TV shows, Podcasts and more from the device to the Mac;
Convert non-iTunes music and video on the Mac, manage playlists, and transfer correctly formatted contents to the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch for enjoyment anywhere;
Copy Camera Roll pictures to the Mac; transfer and create photo albums
Super easy to use! Simply click and drag music, video, and pictures to transfer from an iDevice to the Mac, and click and drag music and video from the MobileGo for iOS media bin to the iDevice to transfer;
Click and drag music to any playlist;
Click and drag photos from photo library to create fun photo albums to share on the iDevice.

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