When it comes to "IT" Factor, Few in the Radio Industry Have it, but you KNOW when You're Around it and these people have it!


Radio Facts: petey_greenIs the “it” factor only reserved for major celebrities or do people in radio have it too? I thought about the many people I know in radio and pondered who in radio have I been around who have/had the ability to change the temperature of a room when they walk in letting you know that you are in the company of something special or great… Who are some of the greatest people I have ever heard on the air in 25 years AND who are some of the greatest radio people? As you know I don’t kiss ass, these are the people I TRULY feel are the best and legends in their own time.1. The late Chuckie T2. Carol Blackmon3. John Monds4. Monica May5. Tony Fields6. Mike Roberts7. The Late Keith Pollard8. The Late Byron Pitts9. Elroy Smith10. Cliff Winston11. Aundre Russell12. The Late Captain G13. The Late Nate Quick14. The Late Frankie Crocker15. frank ski16. Garth Trinidad17. Theo Mizuhara18. LaLa19. doc wynter10. Melonie (Melody) Rose11. Isidra Person Lynn12. Jillian13. Frankie Ross14. Geoff Gill15. Lon McQue16. Talaya Trigueros17. Wendy Williams18 Charlamagne13. Skip Dillard (WBLS and WLIB)14. Terri Avery15. Terri Thomas16. Cy Young17. The Late Petey Green18. Rick Party19. Tre Black20. Kevin Nash21. Skip Dillard (WBLS and WLIB)22. Dee Perry