Wendy Williams Goes at It with Dr. Oz – Says She is Not Taking the Vaccine (Video)


Wendy Williams adamant about not getting the vaccine.

While there are millions of people lining up to take the Moderna, Pfizer, and now the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, there is still a population of people who refuse to take any vaccine. We can add Wendy Williams to the latter. When questioned by Dr. Oz, Wendy stands her ground and says that she doesn’t trust it and further elaborates that she doesn’t take the flu shot either.

Dr. Oz tries to tell her that being in her position she influences many and he encourages her to maybe think about that and she still stands her ground on the fact that she doesn’t trust it. With the history of this country and the racist and experimental practices e in the medical industry toward Black people, do you blame Wendy for her stance or do you think we have advanced and she should reconsider taking the vaccine?

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