Dallas’ Love Field Airport Shooter Has Given Police Chris Brown’s Actual Home Address, Claims She Lives with him and is his Wife


    The woman who shot up the Dallas’ Love Field airport on July 25 of this week, apparently has a criminal history. One that should have had her incarcerated or in a mental facility long before now.

    Portia Odufuwa, 37, was dropped off at the airport by an Uber driver in a red car and she proceeded to get out and go to the airport bathroom where she changed into a hoodie.

    She then headed towards the ticket counter and said she had an announcement to make. She started screaming about her marriage and incarceration and then announced that she was going to blow the airport up.

    She took out a handgun and started shooting towards the ceiling by the ticketing counter sending passengers running and screaming for their lives.

    She was shot multiple times by veteran Dallas police officer Ronald Cronin with minor injuries and was taken to have surgery for her injuries shortly after the incident. She was then taken into custody.

    Odufuwa has had previous multiple run-ins with the law as well as documented mental illness.

    In one situation, she admitted to robbing a bank as well as arson in October of 2019, as she stood in front of a burning house in Mesquite and claimed responsibility. The homeowner of the house, which had had two other previous fires wanted her charged but there was a lack of scientific evidence linking her to the crime.

    Recently in June of last year, she pullled a fire alarm but the case was dropped and she was referred to a mental institution instead of charges being filed.

    She repeatedly gave authorities Chris Brown’s actual address as her home address over recent arrests and claimed to be his wife. This time she will be charged.


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