Human Corpse Ejected onto Highway During 5 Vehicle Crash Involving Horse


    A human corpse was ejected onto the highway during a crash that involved five vehicles and a horse trailer. The pileup took place on Friday and involved the trailer and a van headed to a funeral home.

    According to the Daily Voice, the freak accident occurred at around 3:45 p.m. on New Jersey’s Route 17 South in Paramus. Among the hurt, three people were left with minor injuries treated at the hospital.

    Already deceased, one particular vehicle occupant suffered no injuries in the middle of all the commotion. A Honda Odyssey on the way to a funeral home from a nearby hospital was involved in the crash. The Paramus Police reported on Facebook, a corpse wrapped in a sheet and placed on a stretcher in the back of the vehicle was thrown onto the road.

    Paramus Police Chief Kenneth Ehrenberg told the Daily Voice that there was no damage to the body, and it was picked up by another vehicle on the way to the funeral home.

    A pickup truck hauling the horse trailer rear-ended a Jeep Wrangler as traffic came to a stand-still and started the crash. The reason behind the pickup truck driver crashing into the Wrangler is unclear.

    “It always comes to a dead stop by the Garden State Plaza,” said Brittany Garabedian, who was the driver of the jeep, according to the Daily Voice. “I have a habit of looking in my rearview after I brake, and I saw a trailer flying and not slowing down. At that second, everything happened—loud tires screeching with BOOM BOOM BOOM AND BOOM.”

    Ehrenberg reported no injury to the horse and trailer during the accident. The horse was taken to the side of the road by its handler to eat grass and escape the chaos while the situation was sorted out.

    According to the Daily Voice, Garabedian said she could not get out and help anyone because she hit her head and nose on the steering wheel during the collision.

    She explained the broken glass from her rear window ended up on the hood because the jeep she was driving was hit with so much force.

    “It felt like a dream,” she said. “Very scary. The EMTs and paramedics were so helpful.”

    First responders tended to several other individuals involved in the pileup, and they refused further medical attention.


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