USPS is Celebrating Rosa Parks Forever Stamp


The USPS is celebrating what would have been Rosa Parks’ 100th birthday with a Rosa Parks Forever Stamp. A special video and photos are below for your immediate use. Please share with your readers. Thanks! We appreciate your support.The stamp was on display at the U.S. Postal Service Civil Rights Series Stamp Gallery, which also featured the Emancipation Proclamation Stamp that was launched last month.Should you have any questions or want more information about Rosa Parks or Emancipation Proclamation Forever Stamps, please let me know.181423688,BDF176B72E42C50302C 181423691,BF2CB5E4E39FD601B61 181423707,211AF395DF5C1BF7ED0 181423727,7B59D0D5D827172899A 181423738,CD87CCAB8AFFCAE3FA1 

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