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Tom Griswold is Recuperating

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Tom Griswold, host of the nationally syndicated Bob & Tom Show, is recovering from heart valve replacement surgery at a local hospital. It was originally planned as a repair procedure but it was determined that the replacement would provide a better long term outcome.

He is resting comfortably and ordering the hospital staff and his children to fetch things like Starbucks iced tea regularly. It will be several weeks before he returns to his microphone at the studio, but a home studio is being assembled so he can get back on the air quicker.

Well wishers may send messages to [email protected] The BOB & TOM Show is a hilarious blend of comedy, talk, news, and sports, and is America’s leading media outlet for the best and developing comedians on the circuit. Listeners enjoy parodies, songs, bits and more produced by the large staff of writers, musicians, performers and misfits that populate The BOB & TOM Show.

For more information, visit: www.bobandtom.com.

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