Joins Forces with Dubset to Launch Fully Compliant Platform for Online Mix Streaming

14 Secures Agreement With Dubset to Launch Fully Compliant Platform for Online Mix Streaming (PRNewsFoto/, LLC)The words, “Last night a DJ saved my life, last night a DJ saved my life with a song,” is about to have a whole new meaning., a new music streaming service focused on offering mix and remix content to consumers is poised to be the first fully compliant platform DJs can use to clear and share their mixes with the world while ensuring both content owners and consumers remain satisfied. At launch, streaming will be available through the web portal and native iOS mobile will utilize Dubset’s MixBANK™ platform to power their new service. MixBANK™ provides a turn-key registration, identification, rights resolution, and royalty management service to DJs, labels, publishers, and music services. Dubset is focused on providing the music industry tools that identify and clear copyright protected content. Once a track is cleared for use by its label and publisher, it may be used by DJs in the creation of mixes and remixes that can then be streamed on an authorized music service like This provides complete content control and compliance to the dj and rights holders while creating important new royalties for the music will become what the industry is desperately missing, the central hub for artists to share content with their fans. The platform provides an exciting new experience for the consumer enabling innovative search options, selecting music by artist, genre, and venue with the additional capability to seamlessly purchase tickets. There is also a fully integrated social media component providing an outlet for DJs and influential industry members to voice their opinion and directly connect with their fans. For the first time consumers will know they are supporting their favorite artists as DJs earn new income through the dj revenue share program.Copyright infringement is a major issue facing the dj and dance community. Millions of mixes and remixes are being taken down from popular sites for lack of proper approvals and clearance. “We are very excited about our launch. The dj community is in search of a reliable platform where they do not have to worry about their content being taken down. We believe we have developed their new home,” says Nick Steinman, president of “By utilizing MixBANK™ we will be able to deliver incredible volumes of great new content along with the hundreds of thousands of mixes already registered by the world’s top DJs.”

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