The Steve Harvey Morning Show Discusses a Woman Whose Boyfriend Wants More Children After She Already Has Seven: “Now You Off Into That Nick Cannon Range” (video)


    A woman wrote to the Steve Harvey Morning Show to say that she has been raising children since she was 16. She had a child at 16 and another a year later at 17. A marriage in her 20s produced three children, and another marriage in her 30s produced another two, so she has seven in total, said Shirley Strawberry.

    The woman said she has raised her children and has entered into a new relationship with a man who has no children and wants two kids with her. He would like a son and a daughter with the girlfriend, explained Strawberry. The woman stated she does not want children and is contemplating having a procedure done to make sure she never has a child with her beau. She wants to know if she is wrong for not telling him she has no intentions of having children.

    Strawberry said the woman is not wrong for not wanting more children. However, not telling her boyfriend how she feels about starting a family with him just because she is afraid to lose him is not the answer. “It will be selfish if you don’t tell him the truth,” said the radio DJ. It is a good idea to “check in while in a relationship to see if the feelings have changed,” added Strawberry. The woman needs to tell her boyfriend the truth, and if she loses him, that is the risk she is taking, said the morning show host.

    Steve Harvey said there was nothing wrong with the woman not wanting to have more children. Since she had been raising children from a young age, it was her purgative not to want more. If she increased her family’s size, she would be “off into that Nick Cannon range,” Harvey informed. The morning show agreed that the woman would probably decide not to have more children.


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