J Anthony Brown Officially Announces New Job on Steve Harvey Morning Show

radiofacts.comIt’s official. J Anthony Brown is now a full time participant on the Steve Harvey morning show Here he tells friends what his new job will be with additional duties.IS STEVE HARVEY PLANNING AN EXIT FROM STEVE HARVEY MORNING SHOW?

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  1. You know this is great, they see a video of a Man beating his kids and they go lock him up because it is criminal!I just wondering why when they see a video of someone smoking weed or handling a gun and there is no recourse!Is it me or maybe I am tripping! But there are plenty of criminal acts on video and no consequences!

  2. That all sounds great on paper!! I would like to ask Cox Radio why it’s San Antonio office is almost “Lilly White” and none of their on air personalities here are African-American? Why do they refuse to hire any African-Americans? I’ve applied and I’ve worked on the air in markets including Washington, DC, (WHUR, WMMJ) Cleveland, OH (WJMO) and Columbus, OH (WVKO) and Norfolk (WOWI), Hampton VA (WHOV). and I can’t get any response from them. It’s not like they can’t find any qualified candidates. Why out of seven local stations that they own here in San Antonio are none of them catering to an African-Americanaudience? Why do they continue refuse to allow an Urban Adult Formatted radio station to exist down here? I own an online radio station (http://www.1067thebridge.com) and I’ve tried to get someone’s attention there at Cox Radio and iHeartmedia (formerly Clear Channel) to give my radio station’s format (Old school R&B, New R&B, with some Smooth Jazz and Gospel on Sunday) consideration and a chance as a format here. You can’t tell me that Hispanics and Blacks don’t listen to old school music because I know better! Cox needs to diversity the monopoly of station formats in this market. I can’t even get as much as a return phone call from anyone!!. Diversity on paper is one thing, but I’m not seeing it in this part of the real world!! I would really appreciate it if RFFocus can help me to have someone in a decision making position at Cox Radio to call me. I would love to pitch it to someone there who would consider letting me implement it on 106.7 , the local FM radio station here that has changed it’s format several times in the last five years without much success and it continues to fail. Call me: (210) 440-3968 John Hairston, I’ll be waiting but not holding my breath.

  3. “C’mon Son!” Mr. Smiley has “talked” himself into the status of irrelevant Negro. There is nothing worse than that. He should stop acting as if President Obama owed him some debt and has refused to pay. He is not the President of the Black people of the United States. He is the “President of the United States”! Grow up Tavis!

  4. “-as evidenced by the endorsement of Michael Jackson’s smoking hot niece, Tanay Jackson!”Wow, am not sure where to begin with this one. What makes ReTake different from any other independent record label? I understand the need to “brand” themselves as innovative, but what exactly are they offering that an artist can’t already do themselves?How have they made the process easier for artist to be exposed to the masses?Fans are FREE??? Aren’t fans already free in social media? Twitter? Facebook? Google+? What is the platform?Am I the only one that doesn’t understand Mr. Schwartz blanket statement here??

  5. I personally get tired of hearing the same old music on every station, plus a bunch of commercials. I use http://www.earbits.com to listen to free online radio. So far, they don’t have any commercials or fees. I hope they stay that way.

  6. What does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul. Shaking me head praying and begging do not be conform of this world yet transform. If you think this is okay then I simply say Father forgive them for they know not what they do.