Comedian Tony Rock Asks How Steve Harvey is the "Oracle" of Relationships when on 3rd Marriage


Chris Rock's brother Tony is hilarious in this post about Steve Harvey's books and his position as a “relationship expert” with his current wife Marjorie who was a mistress to his previous wife and being on his third marriage.

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  1. Yes how dare you tell others how to have a grand relationship by your books and advice. When all along you were doing the same thing that some of people do. But I was remember this. The same thing that made you smile will make you cry. And for this man to go to one of his 2nd wives friend’s tell you a little something about her (right). In others words she is just as wrong as he is. I refuse to listen to his Radio Show nor do I look at his two television shows. He was on at the Applo, the other nite and I would not tune in at all. I’m done with this Coon, beat that Donald Trump is calling him that also. Steve you got played.

  2. I have had 3 unsuccessful marriages and I feel I can advise people on relationships because of that. The more experience you have the more you have to offer. I believe in my spirit that Mr. Harvey is about helping his people especially young people. Proof is in the pudding and his record shows what he is interested in and where his passion lies. Not being a HATER!!!!!


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