The Rickey Smiley Morning Show Questions if aleXsandro Palombo Should Sue Cardi B over Halloween Costume (video)


    The Rickey Smiley Morning Show questioned if aleXsandro Palombo should sue Cardi B over Halloween costume. Cardi B is allegedly being sued for millions of dollars despite Halloween being over, said Gary With Da Tea. She is being sued by the artist who inspired her Halloween costume. In a controversial showdown with the legal team that represents Palombo, the artist said he “needs to be paid,” explained Gary.

    In celebration of Halloween, the rapper posted a photo of herself on Instagram dressed as Tv’s Marge Simpson, said Gary. Cardi B allegedly resembled the animated character from Palombo’s 2013 artwork Marge Simpson’s Style icon. Gary said Cardi B and her collaborators reportedly used his work without prior authorization.

    “Dear MS Cardi B, based on your reasoning, shall everyone illegally download your music?” said Palombo.

    The morning show discussed the photo Cardi B took. Gary said Palombo was offended by the costume and wanted to be paid. Maria More said, “There was a hole in the back, and there was yellow cheeks.”

    The Rickey Smiley Morning show questioned if Cardi B should face a lawsuit because of a costume. Gary said no one wants to “be copied.” He asked if anyone on the show had had their work plagiarized and wanted to file a lawsuit. “If it’s a signature bit, then it’s a problem,” said the radio DJ.


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