Urban Adult Contemporary Radio is leading the pack!


In the Top 5 Nielsen-rated, major markets, there is at least one, UAC radio station, breaking through from number one to number five.

Starting with New York City, MediaCo’s WBLS does it again, for the third time this year coming in at a BIG #1 position (6+). In market #2, Los Angeles urban leader, and Audacy owned, KTWV-FM (The Wave) maintains a consistent position at #5.

Let’s head to the Windy City, Chicago, where iHeart’s WVAZ is down by a couple of tenths of a point, but hangs on to the #3 position with no worries and taking no prisoners.

Unfortunately, San Francisco, Nielsen market ranked #4, is an anomaly that can’t be explained outside of the fact that this market hasn’t been a strong radio player at all, in the last 20 years for anything with the word “urban” attached to it, period! Last but not least, is market # 5, Dallas-Fort Worth baby, coming in with a strong position at #4 (6+) it’s my hometown favorite, let’s hear it for Service Broadcasting’s, very own, 105.9 KRNB. Go home team…

Congratulations to all the Urban Radio brands across the country, fighting to be the very BEST in their prospective markets!


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